Axon Body 3

The Connected Camera Is Here

Axon Body 3 isn't just a camera: it's a rugged communications beacon front-and-center on every call. Featuring enhanced low-light performance, reduced motion blur and an LTE connection that enables real-time features like live streaming, Body 3 empowers officers with more support in the moment.

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  • Clearer Audio & Video, Clearer Truth

    Capture better evidence with improved low-light performance, reduced motion blur during playback, and advanced audio that reduces wind noise and records from four adjusting microphones.

  • Greater Safety Through Real-Time Awareness

    Act on real-time information with our new Axon Aware technology. With features like live maps, real-time alerts and live streaming, it's a connected experience that improves officer safety and will expand over time.

  • A Simplified, Streamlined Experience

    Take back time with simpler device operation and program management. Time-saving features like rapid recharge and offload will be amplified when your camera becomes an AI-powered personal assistant that integrates with Axon Records.

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